Demystifying the ClickBank Gravity Score

If you have questions about the ClickBank Gravity Score, we’ve put together some answers that take the mystery out of the cryptic metric.

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Pop quiz time! The term “gravity score” refers to… Roger Ebert’s review of the Oscar-winning film, Gravity starring Sandra Bullock 

a) A metric used in beer making 
b) A metric used to measure offers in the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace 
c) A score used to rate the performance of rock climbers (high gravity = bad, low gravity = good)
d) None of the above
e) Other
f) Just get to the dang point 

Okay, okay. The correct answer is C. Gravity score is a metric used to measure offers in the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace. 

However, if you’re unfamiliar with ClickBank, any of these could sound plausible. Even if you are familiar with ClickBank, you just might not quite understand what the metric is and that is a-okay. Today we’re going to shed some light on the mysterious gravity score and get some expert advice on how to read and understand it.

The History of the Gravity Score

Gravity score is a metric unique to ClickBank that is based on an algorithm that was built to rank offers in a way that is agnostic from revenue. This is helpful because there are elements that make an offer attractive to affiliates that aren’t solely based on revenue–like competition, commission rate, and average earnings per sale. Gravity score identifies, with an arbitrary numeral value that has no cap, affiliate success. 

Two Offers, Two Different Gravity Scores 

So, for example, let’s say there are two offers: 

Offer A has a score of 360 and Offer B has a score of 349. This means that affiliates who promote Offer A are making more sales than the affiliate who promote Offer B. This information is helpful to affiliates who are searching for offers because, in theory, they wouldn’t want to promote something that isn’t sellable. 

However, a high gravity score doesn’t mean that an offer is the best choice to promote. Offers with high Gravity scores are likely promoted by many affiliates and competing with affiliates who likely have large ad budgets can be difficult (and discouraging) for affiliates just starting out.

According to Thomas McMahon, the reason these offers have lower gravity score truly has to do with one part of the puzzle: 

“Why are they so far down in the Marketplace… on page five with a gravity score of 71 compared to 300? Well, it just means that less affiliates have picked them up, but they’re still running big volumes because big affiliates have promoted them… it just means they’re less exposed to a big chunk of affiliates, which actually means they might convert better for you because they’ve had less exposure in the overall market.”

What goes into the calculation? 

Gravity score is calculated on a 12-week rolling cycle with more weight placed on recent sales. “Sales from yesterday count more towards (the score) than sales from last week,” says McMahon. 

Scores will start to dip if sales start to lag, but not in real time. This is why an offer won’t stay at the top forever, but will move down or up the list depending on sales. 

The One Thing to Keep in Mind 

The most important thing to keep in mind when reading the score is that offers even five pages into the list of offers on the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace are still converting and are still solid selections. A lower score doesn’t mean an offer should be written off from promotion–it only means that an offer above it has more affiliates experiencing success at the same time.      

Want the whole scoop? Listen here to Thomas McMahon break it down

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