Four Ways to Promote ClickBank Offers With Email That Your Subscribers Will Love

How do you promote affiliate offers with email marketing, generate sales, and have your subscribers loving you for it? Read on to find out.

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I’ve been promoting affiliate offers with email for more than a decade. I created one of the very first lifestyle daily email newsletters for men back in 2008. Since then, I branched out in different niches such as fitness, self-help and obviously e-marketing, so I’ve tested a lot of different approaches.

I’ve learned that there are only four effective ways that you can promote affiliate offers without annoying your subscribers.

Use them all and I guarantee you will have amazing results.

1. The Call-To-Action Email

The goal of the call-to-action email is to get your subscribers to click on the link of your offer. This email is usually straight to the point and emphasizes the benefits of the product to the reader. You can use the call-to-action email for sales and holiday promotions. This type of email is probably what 80% of email marketers send. For a good reason: they work. 

An effective CTA will be urgent, to the point, and easy to understand. When the reader clicks the link, make sure the action is easy to complete on that page as well.

2. The Credibility Email

In the credibility email, you are sharing some tips or advice related to the product you are promoting. For example, let’s say you’re promoting a fitness offer. Maybe you can share three fruits that help burn fat. In the email copy, encourage the reader to check out the offer you are promoting if they want to know more.

An even easier way to write a “credibility email” is to use the content from the product you are promoting. Contact the product owner and ask permission to repurpose some of their content to promote the offer to your subscribers.

Important tip: Keep your emails short and to the point. This is not a blog post. Lists and checklists works great here.

3. The Connection Email

The connection email uses the power of a personal story. The goal is to humanize the copy and include a link to the product that is being promoted in the email. For example, imagine you are promoting a product that helps people save their marriages. Share something memorable that happened with you and your spouse and what you learned from the experience to connect with the email readers.

After sharing your story authentically, you can invite the reader to learn more about this topic by checking the offer you are promoting.

The most important thing for a connection email to work is to be honest and stay on topic.

4. The Conviction Email

The conviction email is very powerful because you’ll be sharing something you strongly believe in or stand for. Conviction gives email readers a glimpse of who you are. For example, if I was promoting a course on how to start an online business, I could write an email about my love of freedom and financial independence. I’d explain why both are so important to me and where that love came from. Then I’d link back to the training and explain how this course can help them create financial independence if that’s something they value too.

If you use these types of email tactics, you won’t overwhelm or annoy your email list. It’s important to keep the messaging direct, easy to understand, and to the point–otherwise you’ll lose your readers interest and they won’t follow through with the offer. If you want to promote with email, perfecting your subject lines and email angels is a surefire way to improve quickly.

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