“Good Data Leads to Good Decisions”: A ClickBank Webinar Recap About Figuring Out What’s Next

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Traditionally, for most people in the majority of industries, it’s not unusual to be inundated with life hacks, tips and tricks, and best practices on a regular basis. However, things are a little different now. Since we’ve all boarded the pandemic boat and have gotten our sea legs, so to speak, parsing through advice on what to do next can feel downright intimidating. We know the world is going to be different and we also know that customer behavior is different too (Is it too soon to mention that insane toilet paper shortage?). It’s time to figure out how we’re going to be different as well. 

At ClickBank, now that we’ve had some time to gather some insight about how our industry is doing, we wanted to share with you what we know. There’s still a lot that we’ll be figuring out (just like everyone in the world) as times go on, but we’ve brought together ClickBank A-listers, Thomas McMahon and Amber Spears, to shed some light on data, trends, and what they’re encouraging for their clients and teams as we all pivot to a new normal. 

Here are six important highlights from the webinar: 

  1.  Making good decisions requires knowing the facts.
    Thomas McMahon starts off the webinar with some real talk: “Data’s only as good as the decisions you make on it.”

    Thomas navigates through some ClickBank data to help affiliate managers use these new numbers as an impetus to improve their current offers and grow in meaningful and thoughtful ways. Topics include COVID-19 data trends including which niches are up, which are down, and what type of offers are doing better than others. 

  1. Knowing the facts can open doors to new opportunities.
    After a good look at how things have changed, Thomas dives right into how this data, in comparison to previous benchmark data, can help affiliates and affiliate managers optimize. Strategies include testing new offers, trying new niches, and taking a look where you can work in physical offers to your flow. 
  1. Now’s a good time to stockpile cash.
    Thomas’ rundown on current ClickBank trends and data naturally segues to Amber Spears, a top player in the industry known for her successes with East 5th Avenue, a world-class affiliate marketing agency. 

    After a brief introduction, Amber wastes no time getting to the meat and potatoes of ways to thrive and succeed in a post COVID-19 world. First things first, she encourages everyone everywhere to stock up on cash to increase their buying power and get ahead. 

  1. Now’s not the time to act like a salmon.
    It’s true that people’s buying habits have changed, however, that doesn’t mean that the market is ripe for innovation. Amber encourages viewers to “swim with the current” and tailor offers to buyers by sticking with the niches that are doing the best and make the most out of this time without looking like “an opportunistic goon.” 
  1. Use this time to rein in your business.
    A lot of people are taking this time to declutter their closets and garages since, well, we’ve been stuck in our houses. Now is also a good time to declutter your business and get some things in order that may have gone by the wayside while you could actually go to networking events and meet people in real life.

    Amber has some actionable tips and tricks that will help you get it all together and optimize this time to streamline and rein in so you can run your business better than ever.

  1. At the end of the day, it’s always about relationships.
    To wrap things up, Amber drives home one of the most important pieces of advice: businesses will survive this time through tribe-building and relationships.

If this all sounds interesting, you’re in luck– this free webinar covers them in depth and with comprehensive eloquence. It’s truly good, thoughtful, advice from two of the top players in this industry.

As always, we’re looking forward to the future and rooting for all of our ClickBank crew to find their footing and stay standing as we forge a way into the new normal. 

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