How to Support Your Clients During These Times

It’s a Tuesday morning, and–like many of us–Thomas McMahon is working from home. As a senior business development manager at ClickBank, this is a change of pace for McMahon. In a life before COVID-19, typical Tuesdays were spent in the office or on the road for business-related networking. No stranger to the world of pivoting and resilience and patience (he and his wife have a one-year old daughter), McMahon knows how to make the most of any situation. (Check out his tips and tricks for doing so in this webinar).

Right now, as the world reels from an unprecedented pandemic and the accompanied economic fallout, Thomas is changing the way he supports the success of his clients. To fill the void of his former “on-the-go” work life, McMahon figured the best way to help sellers and affiliates at this time would be getting them the resources they need. Thus, his blog, simply titled Thomas McMahon, began.

“I’ve been speaking on different stages for a while, as well as doing podcasts and putting content out there,” McMahon said. “It seemed like curating that content into one place would be the natural progression of that content.”

Remember networking in real life?

Direct response marketing pioneer, Jay Abraham, had it right when he said, “The key to all of life is understanding how to add value to others.” McMahon takes a page from Abraham’s book in his first blog post. Chock full of some of the best resources for ClickBank sellers and affiliates out there, every entrepreneur will find something relevant to them.

  • ClickBank Seller Launch List
    One of the most important steps as a ClickBank seller is the product onboarding process. One of the (many) perks of ClickBank accepting your product  is the comprehensive compliance process that occurs for every single product that is submitted. However, with that kind of all-inclusive treatment, sellers need to adhere to guidelines and follow instructions. This document breaks the process down into digestible steps that simplify the experience and make product onboarding more accessible.
  • ClickBank Commission Calculator
    One of the most common questions McMahon encounters is: “How much should I pay affiliates?” According to McMahon, it’s a fair one, but to get to the answer  brands and sellers need to ask some more questions.

    “How good is your offer? In order for you to hit scale, if you’re wanting to do seven plus figures in affiliate revenue, you need to look at conversion rates and commissions–not just commissions. Your conversions have to be on par or better than your competitors.”

    While this calculator may not spit out strategic tactics to beat out the competition, it does take into account elements that sellers and brands must consider before setting their commission rate. 

  • ClickBank’s Tools Page
    There’s a lot more to affiliate marketing than meets the eye. Getting good at it means getting good at using the tools of the industry. The ClickBank tools page has a wealth of resources that can help sellers and affiliates up their game and scale their business by working smarter, not harder. 
  • FDA Checklist of Ingestible of Cosmetic Products
    Before ClickBank can sell your ingestible or cosmetic product, it must be FDA compliant. This document is a seller’s golden ticket to making sure they have everything they need before submitting their product to ClickBank. The more precisely this checklist is followed, the smoother and easier the product onboarding process will be. 

In addition to these resources, blog-goers will continue to find more evergreen resources that can supplement their learning and growth. As times change, people’s needs change. This insight has been particularly poignant for Thomas in these past few months and–as ClickBank sellers and affiliates–it can also help you learn where you can continue to add value.

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