How to Use the ClickBank Referral Program

The ClickBank Referral Program is back and better than ever.

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Asking someone to refer you or your services can be uncomfortable. There’s a tactful time and place to make suggestions. Similarly, figuring out the perfect moment to tell someone they ought to join ClickBank so that their product can be promoted by thousands of affiliates all over the world is truly an art. It takes an opportune moment and the right words.

If you couldn’t tell by now, this is all to say that ClickBank has resurrected and revived its referral program and we’re so excited for you to tell your favorite product vendors about us. Of course, there’s something in it for you too; we’re offering $10 per account activation plus 1% of the referee’s earning amount for the first year.   

To help you refer people, we’ve put together a list of ten clever ways you can ask product vendors to sign up at ClickBank so they can start leveraging the power of our global affiliate marketplace and make money online–plus get you those awesome referral rewards.   

  1. Refer them via skywriter. 
    Nothing gets the point across quite like a skywriter. Picture this: You’re strolling along with the vendor you want to refer. The air is autumnally crisp. Was that a leaf that just floated to the ground? All of a sudden you hear the telling roar of a prop plane. You both look to the sky. He’s spelling something… what could it be?! C… L… I… C… 

    How exciting and novel! Seeing ClickBank spelled across the picturesque blue yonder will create the perfect moment to tell the vendor about ClickBank’s incredible affiliate marketplace and about the 1% of the earning amount you receive if they join.   

  1. Leave them a note in their lunchbox.
    Lunch box notes are undoubtedly the sweetest communication channel known to humans. It’s a message sent with food! Nothing can top that. Write the vendor a quick little note about how they can reach a global audience in more than 200 countries if they join ClickBank. You could even include a ClickBank-inspired doodle!
  1. Hire a quartet to deliver the referral suggestion via song.
    There’s something sweetly nostalgic about a barbershop quartet. Personally, nobody has ever sang to me while I was getting my haircut and I’ve always been a little bitter about it. Next time the vendor you want to refer sits down to get a trim, surprise them with four singers dressed in matching straw-hats. Between the four of them, I’m sure they’ll come up with some witty way to let the potential vendor know about ClickBank’s supremely efficient product onboarding process.   
  1. Spell “ClickBank” in a hearty bowl of alphabet soup.
    Everybody loves when someone cooks soup for them. In my opinion, soup is a love language–especially if it can communicate an important message. Put together your favorite minestrone or chicken noodle and throw in some alphabet pasta. Painstakingly coordinate the little letters to spell, “Have you thought about signing up for ClickBank?” Carefully bring the bowl to the vendor you want to refer and let them admire your culinary skills as well as your business savvy suggestions.  
  1. Send them a dozen roses and on the card write, “Have you thought about being a ClickBank Vendor?” 
    Nothing speaks louder than roses. Roses practically yell, “I want you to know something that I don’t know how to say with words!” Have a dozen roses delivered to the potential vendor with a message attached. Some might say this is a bit too romantic for affiliate marketing… but romance is persuasive, so why not make a bold statement to show the referee how much you think they’ll benefit from having their product promoted by professional affiliates and showcased on
  1. Bribe your local sign spinner to spin your referral message. 
    We’ve all seen them… the zealous and energetic sign spinners that grace our street corners (and hearts) with their zany dance moves and sign-spinning enthusiasm. Next time you want to refer someone to sign up for ClickBank, seek out a sign spinner and slip ‘em a $20 and your message. Make sure the potential vendor is the area because $20 doesn’t buy a lot of sign spinning time these days and you don’t want them to miss out on ClickBank’s vendor features that empower them to scale their business. 
  1. Put a sticky note on their bathroom mirror. 
    Some think the ol’ “sticky note on the bathroom mirror” is only for passive aggressive roommates. I beg to differ. A lot can be said on a 3 inch x 3 inch paper square including, “Have you thought about joining ClickBank and taking advantage of their commission setting tools that make building an affiliate program easy and efficient?” Pro Tip: Try to get into their bathroom in a nonchalant way, or you’ll end up seeming creepy.
  1. Add “ClickBank” to the bottom of their grocery list. 
    Carrots? Check. Worchestire sauce? Check. Sign up for ClickBank and onboard my product to be promoted by the best affiliates in the business to nearly 200 countries? Don’t mind if I do! 
  1. Subscribe them to the ClickBank Blog.
    Want them to get industry insights and affiliate marketing tips and tricks delivered straight to their inbox once a week? Sign them up for the ClickBank blog! They’ll be delighted by the entertaining and informative content and delve into the lucrative and efficient world of the ClickBank Vendor. 

    (For reals though, don’t actually sign your friends up for email lists without their consent. That’s just rude.)

  1. Just say it.
    If all else fails, just say: “Hey, I think your product has a lot of potential. Have you thought about signing up for ClickBank? They’re an online retailer with an affiliate program that has affiliates in almost 200 countries. They’re been around for over twenty years and are a leader in the affiliate marketing and internet retailer industry. I seriously think you should check it out. If you sign up, I get a $10 referral bonus and cash rewards for your sales.” If being straightforward  doesn’t work, we suggest trying the skywriter approach again.

Want to learn more about the ClickBank Referral Program? Check it out HERE.

Thinking about signing up yourself? Here’s a link for that

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