The Rundown Report is Here

The Rundown Report is a comprehensive analysis of 3.5 million data points.

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Since the onset of COVID-19, people have increasingly turned to the internet for connection and commerce. According to Statista, a leading online analytics company, as of June 14, 2020, online transactions increased 32.9 percent compared to the reference period in January and February of this year. While economies may be gradually opening up at a state level, internet commerce levels are still higher than ever before. 

ClickBank is no exception to this phenomenon. As the first half of 2020 wraps up, we’ve completed extensive research on our 3.5 million transactions. After analyzing the data, we’ve noticed some trends that are attention-worthy.

We’ve identified three key insights that provide the most valuable information for our industry. They are: a meteoric rise in the health & fitness category, the best day of the week to promote products based on conversion rate, and conversion data at various price points. 

According to Kelly Householder, CEO of ClickBank, it’s critical that this data is shared: “As a leader in the internet retail industry for over two decades, it’s important for us to identify emerging market trends not only for the health of ClickBank, but for the continued success of our clients. We are living through a global event that encapsulates great change on multiple fronts: social, economical, and commercial. The status quo is changing daily and we want to do what we can to meet our client’s needs and expectations.” 

The U.S. Census Bureau reported on May 19th 2020, that total retail sales were down 1.3% since the previous quarter, but the ecommerce portion of the sales increased a total of 2.4% since the previous quarter. While shopping may have slowed overall for this quarter, the amount of purchases made online increased. These insights come at a time when companies, online or otherwise, may be trying to plan their return to normal.

If there’s a way to move their commerce capabilities online, companies may want to consider exploring that potential. Unique sales channels, like affiliate marketing, can negate some of the difficulty in entering ecommerce by providing affiliate networks and retail space. While not all product categories are thriving right now (think travel related items and offers), there are many niches that can prove lucrative for product owners and affiliates alike during these times. 

As a global retailer we’ve also identified country trends where consumers are most likely to buy once they start shopping, to find out what region tops the list, download the full Rundown Report here

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